What is marimo?

marimo is the project in which you can grow a marimo by purchasing an NFT. The only thing you need to do is to change the water occasionally. marimo is gradually getting bigger and bigger.

Those who want to retain more marimos should purchase them in a secondary market such as OpenSea.




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About marimo NFT

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Mint marimo NFT

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Change the water once in a while

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Getting bigger and bigger

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"NFT" is currently gaining momentum around the world. NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token" (What is NFT?).

Various NFT projects are on the rise both abroad and in Japan. However, for those who have never purchased an NFT, it is difficult and inaccessible.


Lots of jargon and technical talk, difficult to follow


Not sure which NFT to buy


Lack of time to contribute in the community

The marimo NFT project was launched with two goals in mind: to get more people interested in NFT and to have people enjoy taking their time to grow marimos over time rather than buying and selling them frequently.

A marimo can be purchased as low as 0.01 ETH. In addition, marimo grows over time, so you can enjoy the slow and steady growth of marimo over several years.

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Popular marimos

Anyone can change the water and take care of marimos which other people have!

View more marimos on OpenSea

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marimo Ranking

Ranking of marimo's size and clarity. These are raised with love and care.

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Twitter Community

marimo NFT has a Twitter Community.

There are many NFT projects where people actively communicate with each other on Discord and other social platforms to contribute to the project....However, we thought those busy people might find it hard to buy NFTs because they don't have time to join the community, so we created a community with zero pressure.

Participation is free, and there is absolutely no problem whether you join or not. It is an incredibly laid-back space. Let’s share your daily marimo growth, say hi, chat, and talk about global environmental issues!

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The logic of growth and specifications for marimo are as follows.

The Speed of Growth

It grows 0.01 cm every 15 hours. For example, a marimo about the size of a 500 yen coin (JPY) becomes the size of the Olympic medal in one year.

However, if the water is not clean, the growth rate will slow down. Water clarity decreases by 1% per day (24 hours) and the growth will stop when the water becomes completely muddy (0% clarity).

Water clarityThe Speed of Growth

The Gas Fees for Changing Water

Changing water costs a gas fee. Gas prices vary depending on network conditions. (What are Gas Fees?) Water changes are limited to once every 24 hours. Frequent water changes are not good for marimos, so please be gentle!

Water in marimo can be converted by non-owning users. A record of water changes is written to the blockchain.

Go to change someone’s water (Go Twitter).

Colors and Shape Patterns

There are 1,000 types of marimo, 10 for each type. The probability of appearance of each is the same for all. You cannot select colors and shapes, and it appears completely randomly at the time of minting.

Please go this page for the details.

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Tell me more about the concept!


I'm a beginner, so tell me everything from the beginning!


Can I buy and resell marimo?


Can we expect a price increase?


How many marimos can I buy?


What are the utilities ?


Is there a presale or whitelist?


What are the proceeds from marimo used for?


What are the benefits of having marimo?